How much is it worth?


Unfortunately, these days, "worth" and "value" are words that have had all the meaning mashed out of them.  Over and over, you'll see an ad that says "appraised at $2000, sell for $1000", or "easily worth $1000, sell for $500."  What I want to know is - how much money would someone give me for this thing?  The "appraisal" or "worth" or "value" numbers don't seem to represent that figure.

I'm not an appraiser.  I do have some knowledge of what people pay for these instruments when they appear on eBay.  (In the vast majority of cases, it's between $20 and $80.)

I can only respond to "worth" questions if you'd like to know a range of eBay sale prices, and if you send pictures taken from the following angles:


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Last update - 11 May 03