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There's been a huge and confusing variety of names applied to these instrument. Often the same instrument bore several different names, and occasionally the same name was used for several completely different instruments.

Here are a couple of lists which can help sort out the confusion. The first contains many of the "instrument names" which have appeared, usually on the paper label inside the soundhole. The second contains many of the names of "manufacturers", distributors, and music arrangers & publishers. Something in here is just about guaranteed to match something on your instrument! And as the links get updated, there will be detailed information available about each.

(Note - these two columns are simply in alphabetical order - there's no direct connection between the left column and the right.)

Instrument names


American Art Guitar

American Harp

American Mandolin Guitar Harp

American Mandolin Harp

American Mandolin Harp Style B

Banjolin or Banjo-lin

Bavarian Harp

Bell Harp, 3 unrelated forms

Bosstone Grand

C. T. Menze's Piano Zither



Chartola Grand


Class Instrument

Chickering Harp

Chromatic Harp

Columbia Zither
No. 1, 2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2, 3 3/4, 4

Combination Mandolin Guitar

Deweylin Harp


Easy Method Liberty Model 1917 Mandolin Guitar

Easy Method Standard Mandolin Guitar

Edison Piano Harp

Eolian Harp

Eureka Concert Zither


Germania Harp

Guitar Piano Harp

Guitar Zither
No. 00, 0, 0 1/2, 0 3/4, 1, 2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2,
3, 3 1/2, 4, 5, 6



Harp Guitar

Harp of David

Harp Zither

Harp=O=Chord, Harp-O-Chord, HarpOChord


Hawaiian Art Guitar

Hawaiian Harp

Hawaiian Mandolin Harp

Hawaiian Tiple, 2 forms

Hawaiian Violin=Guitar



Hill Country Harp

Honolulu Guitar Harp

Ideal Harp


Liberty Harp

Libery Mandolin-Guitar

Liberty Model Guitarophone

Lyre Harp, 2 unrelated instruments

Mando Zither Harp

Mandolin Guitar Zither

Mandolin Guitarophone



Marxolin, numerous forms

Marxophone, 2 unrelated forms

Melodia Zither

Menzenhauer's Guitar-Zither

New Century Harp

Nuway Violin


Paramount Concert Harp, 2 unrelated forms

Piano Harp Size F







Queen Zither

Radio Concert Harp

Radio Harp

Regent Zither

Reproducing Mandolin & Guitar

Scribner Baby Grand

Silvertone Phonoharp

Sonora No. 5

Stella Piano Mandolette



Symphony No. 5

Tremelo Harp


Two in One Mandolin-Guitar

Ukelin, 2 forms

Victor Harp





Manufacturers, etc.

A. Eichler

A. J. Beauchamp

A. R. Yendrick

American Mandolin Harp Co.

American Mandolin Zither Co.

American Music Co.

American Piano Zither Co.

B. L. Umberger

Bell Harp Co.

Bosstone Co.

Chartola Co.

Combination Mandolin Zither Co.

Dominion Academy of Music

Ed. Sutch

E. H. Saenger

Emil Peterson Jr.

F. A. Porter

F. G. Heiser

F. Menzenhauer

F. X. Audet

Federal Stock Food Co.

Felix Schmidt, several addresses

Franz Schwarzer

Geo. F. O'Connor

Guitar-O-Lin Co.

H. C. Marx

Heiser Products

H. S. Nace Mfg. Co., 4 locations

H. W. Garvin

Harmony Co.

Harp Mfg Co.

Harp Guitar Mfg Co.

Hemisphere Conservatory of Music

Henry Cronthel

Home Educational Co.

Imperial Conservatory of Music

International Conservatory of Music

International Musical Corp.

J. Abrams

J. Cobe

Johann Schick

John J. Sloan


L. B. Dowd

L. S. Gilpin

Liberty Numeral Music Co.

Louis Daum

Manufacturers Advertising Co.

Marx & Marx

Marx Music Co.

Marxochime Colony


Menzenhauer & Schmidt

Music Specialty Co.

Mussehl & Westphal

National Number Music Co.

Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt-International

Oscar Schmidt Musical House

Otto Schmidt

Pacific Zither Co.

Paramount Harp Co.

Phonoharp Co.

Pianoette Advertising Co.

Pianolin Co.

Radio Concert Harp Co.

Samuel C. Osborn

Satis Coleman

Schmidt Musical Instrument Co.

Schmidt & Porter

Sonora Mfg Co.

Thompson & Norris

Toledo Symphony Co.

Twentieth Century Conservatory of Music

United States Guitar Zither Co.

United States Music Co.

U. S. Numeral Music Co.

Victor Harp Co.

Walter Fowler


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