Oscar Schmidt


A little bio, lots of reference to Becky, lots of links to Schmidt instruments. Schmidt names, addresses.

Here's a list of model names and distributor identities associated with Oscar Schmidt -


U.S. Guitar-Zither Co.

Felix Schmidt

Otto Schmidt

  1. R. Yendrick

Federal Stock Foods Co.

Oscar Schmidt Co.

International Music Co.

Oscar-Schmidt - International

Manufacturer's Advertising Co.

Paramount Harp Co.

Bell Harp Co.

Chartola Co.

Imperial Conservatory of Music

International Conservatory of Music

American Music Co.


American Mandolin Harp

Style B

Deweylin Harp

Chartola Grand

Hawaiian Mandolin Harp

Mandolin Guitar Zither

Chickering Harp

Bell Harp

Paramount Concert Harp

Radio Concert Harp

Stella Piano Mandolette




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